Huge update on 20th merch- Manaphy, Shaymin, and LOCATION UPDATE

I’ve been gone for quite some time, due to unfortunate circumstances- so you all deserve a huge comprehensive update!

Firstly- Manaphy 20th plush has been removed from the Toys R Us website- I NEVER saw it in stock there, so either they never listed it properly or they were all bought up instantly. If anyone saw one in stores or managed to order one, let me know

Shaymin 20th anniversary Clip ‘n Carry balls are in stock on the Toys R Us site to order, and therefore they should be in stores, so they are OUT NOW

The Shaymin Velvet Plushes, however, are still not in stock. Once again, I may have missed this and they may have been and gone- any info would be fantastic.

Pikachu Velvet plushes (Standing) are OUT NOW in GAME stores! Thanks to PikachuFan for the tipoff!

Shaymin Mythical Collection TCG pack is OUT NOW, order it online or find it in many different retailers.

GAME are continuing their Generations Holo Stamped cards free with Pokémon purchases- right now stores offer (depending on stock) Pikachu, Tangela, Magikarp and Geodude, with a new one each month.

Finally, the Clip ‘n Carry Pokéballs of Mew, Celebi and Jirachi are all available to buy at Smyths Toy Stores online and in store now, and are no longer exclusive to GAME or Toys R US- they’re also £9.99, making the previously Toys R Us exclusives cheaper there!


Apologies for the absence, we hope to be back on track very soon!

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    From what toys r us said their supplier sent the UK allocation of manaphy plushes to US because they needed more stock so they aren’t getting them, the Shaymins are on the website for click and collect but I couldn’t find a store near me with stock, with the celebis the delivery ones went up about a week after the click and collect so I would imagine the same with these, its probably worth checking the page a couple of times a day but it at least looks like we are going to get these ones

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