Pokémon Bank Sun Moon AND Red Blue Yellow UPDATE

We’ve finally got information on the update promised by the end of January!

There is lots of new stuff here-

  • Pokémon transferred from RBY will have a special Game Boy symbol where the Kalos Pentagon or Alola plus symbol goes
  • Gen 1 Pokémon will have a random nature
  • They’ll also have at least three perfect IVs…
  • and might have their hidden ability! (the Mewtwo shown below has Unnerve!)

  • Pokédexes will be synced from all your 3DS games onto Bank! They don’t need to be deposited!
  • Bank will therefore have its own National Pokédex. It’s unclear if this’ll sync BACK to your games right now…
  • It’ll list where you have each Pokémon though, on which game!
  • Battle Points will still be able to be transferred
  • It’ll track stats across all your games such as Pokémon caught, eggs hatched, etc.

Here’s hoping the update comes soon!

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